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EDAG Production Solutions

EDAG Production Solutions



With product-oriented production development from factory concept to production support, we bring your ideas to completion and get them on the road.

  • Project management
  • Production planning
  • Systems engineering and design
  • Plant implementation and fixture technology
  • Plant automation
  • Production optimization



Working together, we develop your competitive edge by increasing efficiency for your sustainable production.

  • Renewable energies
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Food & beverage
  • Logistic distribution
  • Aerospace
  • Medical engineering
  • Security sector

Services in Networked Production Engineering

  1. Project Management
  2. Tool Tracking and Progress Tracking / Supplier Management 
    • Development of forming methods from follow-on composite parts to large-scale outer panel parts, from aluminum alloys to high-strength steels.
    • Forming simulation helps to safeguard productivity by calculating everything from forming and cutting operations through to the spring-back properties of the finished component. 
    • Equipment progress tracking / Supplier management for production equipment 
  3. Process Planning
    Body Shop, Paint Shop, General Assembly
  4. Virtual Commissioning
  5. Logistics Planning
    • Material Flow Simulation
    • Planning  production logistic
  6. Simultaneous Engineering (production-oriented product design for high efficiency)
  7. Factory Planning
    • Smart Factory – Digital Factory

Smart Factory


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